Conservation Groups Sue Hoping To Force Decision On Salamander Protections

The Siskiyou Mountains Salamander is making news again. last week, the Trump Administration agreed to a settlement that required it to make a decision on several different species of Salamander whose habitat is threatened by plans to raise Shasta Dam. On Monday, several conservation groups filed suit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to force a long-delayed decision to list the little Salamander as an endangered species. The Siskiyou Mountains Salamander’s habitat is threatened by new management plans to allow more logging operations on federal lands. Jenn Loda, staff attorney at the center for biological diversity, says these salamanders are only found in this small area around Lake Shasta, so any impact to their population can be potentially detrimental. There are actually three different species of Shasta Salamanders that are found in small ranges around the lake. Over the years, 47 different species have gone extinct while they were waiting for a decision under the Endangered Species Act.


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