Lopey Says Deputies Actions Saved Washington Mans Life

Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey has commended two deputies for saving a Washington man’s life. On March 9 at about 7:17AM, Deputy Scott Stock arrived at the scene of a roll-over traffic collision on Interstate 5 north of Louie Road. Shortly afterwards, Deputy Josh Abel also arrived at the scene. Deputy Stock checked a passenger in the vehicle and discovered he was non-responsive, had no pulse and was no longer breathing. The deputies quickly extricated 71-year-old Charles Ferris of Port Angeles, Washington, from the vehicle and initiated CPR. They provided chest compressions and breaths and after about four minutes, the man’s pulse and breathing were restored. The victim’s previous injuries, including a large facial laceration sustained during the accident, complicated their CPR efforts.Ferris was taken to Mercy Mt. Shasta and later, to a Redding hospital. Hospital and CHP Officials confirmed Ferris’ life was saved by the actions of both deputies.


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