Siskiyou County Deputy Recognized For Efforts To Diffuse Armed Standoff

Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Robert “Rob” Stewart has received a commendation for his efforts resolving a tense situation when he assisted the CHP with an armed stand-off on I5 in the Hornbrook Area on Friday. At around 12:30PM, the Yreka Area CHP was told of a car on Northbound Interstate 5 being driven recklessly and at high speed. The car was then spotted by an officer north of the North Yreka Exit, and as he caught up, the car moved to the slow lane, passing other cars and speeding up to 130 miles an hour. The driver made a u-turn and headed back south. As the officer approached, he saw that the car was coming back into the lanes the wrong way. The driver rammed the CHP vehicle head-on. the driver stayed in his car, occasionally brandishing a sword. Deputy Stewart told the driver that he also was a military veteran and that he understood his ordeal. Deputy Stewart convinced the suspect to climb out the car window and surrender. Stewart was awarded a Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate with a ribbon bar for his decisive and heroic actions.


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