Boat Explodes While Refueling On Lake Shasta

A boat blew up on Lake Shasta on the 4th of July. At 6:45PM, a custom inboard boat was fueling up at Silverthorn Resort. The boat owner, 26-year-old Bryce Balin of Klamath Falls, turned on the blower and the bilge pump during the fueling process. Once full, Bryce and his passengers, Kristen Balin and Jared Aguiar, got in to leave. The boat was about halfway out of the slip when fumes ignited and the boat exploded. The three people were all thrown clear by the explosion, suffering only minor cuts and scrapes. Dock workers quickly put out the fire but the boat was totally destroyed, with only the hull and motor remaining. Boating safety deputies say that after fueling an enclosed-engine boat, the blower should be run for at least 5 minutes before starting, and there should be no odor of fuel in the engine compartment.


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