Cal-Trans Reaches Settlement With Worker Who Was Paralyzed In Accident

Cal-Trans has agreed to a record settlement with a road worker from Redding who was paralyzed in an on-the-job accident at a Humboldt County road construction project. In 2011, Kyle Anderson was 20-years-old and working for a contractor doing a job for Cal-Trans on the shoulder of Highway 101 in Eureka. The work was being done at night and the contractor, all phase excavating, requested that Cal-Trans close a lane for the safety of their workers. The request was denied so the contractor parked a backhoe on the shoulder as a safety barrier. A Cal-Trans employee ordered the backhoe removed and then adjusted a worklight in a way that caused a blinding glare to oncoming drivers. As feared, a car drove onto the shoulder and struck Anderson, causing a severe brain injury and rendering him quadriplegic. Cal-Trans closed their file on the case within seven hours. Anderson was represented by Redding attorney Russ Reiner during a two-and-a-half month jury trial that concluded in February of 2017 with a judgement against Cal-Trans of more than $56 Million. It was the largest award for a dangerous condition case in California history. Following appeals and negotiations, the Anderson family and Cal-Trans have arrived at a settlement of more than $37 Million.


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