REU Begins Annual Inspection Of Cities Power System

Starting Tuesday, Redding residents may see slow moving REU vehicles, with someone pointing a camera out the window. It’s nothing to be concerned about. Redding Electric Utility will be conducting its annual patrol and infrared inspection of REU’s electrical facilities as required by the Public Utilities Commission. This annual patrol consists of a visual inspection of all owned electric facilities, and is designed to identify obvious structural problems or hazards that may have occurred throughout the year. The infrared inspection is designed to locate potential electrical problems and assist the utility in eliminating possible system failure points. The utility’s combined patrol is performed by line inspection personnel using a high-resolution infrared/thermal imaging camera. Detected hot spots provide clues to potential issues. The vehicles are marked with “Power Line Inspection” and a sign on the back that says: “Caution – Slow Moving Vehicle”. The inspections will continue through August.


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