Residents Opposed To New Wind Farm Asking Supervisors For Moratorium

A wind turbine project is moving forward 25 miles northeast of Redding that’s much larger than the existing Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm, but an organized opposition is fighting the new proposal. The Fountain Wind Project 8 miles west of Burney would install up to 100 turbines, which is twice as many as those on Hatchet Ridge overlooking Burney. At a height of up to nearly 600 feet, they would be 150 feet taller than the existing turbines and would be visible not only from nearby communities, but even from surrounding counties. They would be spread over a large area of more than 30,000 acres and installed on land leased from timber companies. Opponents point out that the land is rated by Cal-Fire as high-to-very-high fire hazard zones, much of it in the footprint of the Fountain Fire. They also fear the impact on Native American cultural sites and wildlife, especially Eagles, Hawks and Owls. A draft environmental impact report is still being developed, and public comment will be included, but opponents aren’t waiting for that. They’re pushing the Shasta County Board of Supervisors to declare a moratorium on new wind projects.


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