Team Of National Wildfire Experts Returns To Redding

A national team of wildfire planning experts is returning to Redding to follow up on research they conducted earlier this year. The “Community Planning Assistance For Wildfire” Program helps address local challenges for development in wildfire-prone areas. Redding is one of four cities selected nationally to participate in the program this year. It doesn’t cost the city a dime as it’s funded through the U.S. Forest Service and private foundations. The team of experts brings national perspectives and customizes their recommendations to help reduce the impact of major disasters such as the Carr Fire. In February the team worked directly with the fire department and planning department to create development strategies for the city’s wildland-urban interface areas. On the 25th of this month the team will return to provide training to community stakeholders, teaching about fire behavior basics and land use strategies to reduce risk to neighborhoods. This will be the second of three visits by the team this year.


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