Black Mold Found In Two Trinity County Schools

Black Mold in 2 Trinity County schools means that classes may start the school year in temporary buildings. According to a Trinity Journal report, the main building at Trinity High School has been closed, including the main office, counseling center, 12 classrooms, library, cafeteria and kitchen. Some parts of Weaverville Elementary School are also closed. The high school gym was already quarantined due to previous testing that indicated high levels of Black Mold spores. The problem surfaced just after the school year ended in June. District Superintendent Jaime Green said additional closures are also anticipated at the elementary school as further testing is conducted.In the meantime, Green said the district will need to secure and install at least 15 portable buildings in short order if students are to return to school by the scheduled opening date of August 19th. So far, he had located six portables and was working on more, along with plans to supply them with water and power. Before this emergency, the district had approximately $1.5 Million in reserve, which will be depleted quickly. The district will seek emergency funds through the State Office of Public School Construction once testing is completed and the full scope of required work has been identified.


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