Sexual Predator May Be Released Into Tehama County

Tehama County officials are warning residents that a sexually violent predator may soon be one of their neighbors. Joshua Cooley received the diagnosis after repeated criminal sexual behavior led psychiatrists to identify a mental disorder and recommend treatment. For a number of years Cooley has been undergoing treatment at a state hospital, and he’s been petitioning for conditional release after hospital staff has determined he’s received sufficient treatment. Cooley is from Humboldt County, and the county of origin is generally where such people are placed upon release. However, officials have been unable to find a community willing to take him. That’s caused them to look to a location off of Highway 36 in Western Tehama County. Just about every law enforcement agency and government entity in Tehama County has joined District Attorney Matt Rogers in emphatically opposing the placement of Cooley. Rogers points out that Tehama County already has three sexually violent predators who were placed there because that’s where they lived before they were committed. A hearing will be held next week in Humboldt County regarding the placement of Cooley.


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