Man Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Into West Valley High School

Deputies laid in wait for some gas thieves, and it paid off. Thursday staff at West Valley High School reported to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office that people had been coming onto campus overnight and siphoning gas from school vehicles, cutting locks on gates and breaking into buildings. They had video surveillance that showed a gold colored car parked on campus in the middle of the night. Deputies on the graveyard shift decided to set a trap. One deputy hid on campus with night vision optics and waited, with other deputies nearby to assist. Just before Midnight a gold colored car pulled in and backed up to a building where it would not be seen from the road. After sitting in the car in the dark for a while, the driver got out and started removing things from the trunk. The deputies all swept in and detained 26-year-old Corey Ryan Walker, who’s on felony probation. His car was searched, reportedly revealing Methamphetamine, musical instruments taken from the school and burglary tools. The things he had been removing from the trunk were a 5 gallon gas can and a siphon hose. He was booked into jail on multiple charges.


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