Man Jumps Into Lake After Stealing Wakeboard Boat

A man is accused of stealing a high priced boat from a Lake Shasta resort, though he never got to enjoy it. At 11 O’clock Thursday morning, a family from Watsonville headed down to the moorages at Bridge Bay Resort. They had gotten a temporary moorage for their Mastercraft X2 wakeboard boat while visiting the lake. Bradley Walker got to where his boat should be and found an empty slip. He yelled to his uncle, Howard Walker, who was further up the bank and had a wider view of the area. He could see the boat tooling around toward the main dock. Meanwhile Bradley ran to the store, which overlooks the main dock. He was joined by Howard and they watched as the boat went between a gap in the houseboats. A Bridge Bay employee was working on one of the houseboats and he watched also as Lester Folsom reportedly stepped from the boat onto the dock and tried to tie it off but failed. When he realized the employee was watching him he ran toward the store where Bradley and Howard were. They started yelling that Folsom was a boat thief so Folsom jumped in the water and tried to swim away. When he got to the shore and tried to get out of the water, the boat owners and some employees were coming to meet him so he jumped back in and swam to another dock. He was then detained by a group of employees until deputies arrived. Folsom who’s on probation for vehicle theft, was booked into jail.


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