Public Meeting Will Address Proposed Changes To Water Delivery System

In a continued wave of loosened environmental protections under the Trump Administration, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is getting more flexibility in how it manages the vast waters of the Central Valley Project. The Bureau says the proposed actions include altering the temperature management at Shasta Dam that has protected the spawning grounds of the dwindling Chinook Salmon population. They also want to adjust habitat and salinity measures in the delta and change the way fish are screened from being flushed away with huge water diversions to the San Joaquin Valley. The stated goal is to deliver more water and optimize power generation while trying to protect threatened and endangered species. A series of meetings will held to gather public comment on the proposal. The northernmost meeting is in Chico at Lakeside Pavilion on August 1st from 5PM to 7PM. More information can be found at


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