Man Arrested After Shooting At Apartment Complex

A Redding man is accused of shooting up an apartment complex. At 8:45PM Saturday night, officers responded to a disturbance at a Churn Creek Road location. While en route, they got reports of gunshots. Arriving officers found rifle rounds in the parking lot of the apartments and a witness reported seeing a man put an AR-15 style assault rifle into a guitar case before leaving the area. Officers mad an area check and found 28-year-old Fabian Ortiz walking along Loma Vista Drive with a guitar case. Inside was the rifle as described and a high capacity magazine. Witnesses said Ortiz had been in a verbal argument with a woman at the apartments and as he walked away he fired a shot at the building. Ortiz is on Post Release Supervision for assault on a police officer. He was booked into jail on multiple charges.


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