RPD: Woman Attempts To Burn Apartment Down During Standoff

An East Redding woman tried to burn down her apartment building, according to police. Just before 6PM Friday evening officers were called to a Hartnell Avenue apartment complex on reports that a 43-year-old woman was threatening to kill herself and others. She had barricaded herself inside an apartment, turned on the gas, and threatened to light it up. Redding Fire Department responded and turned off the gas to the apartment as police evacuated the neighbors. Officers and acquaintances of the woman tried to reason with her but she refused to come out. She then started breaking out the front windows of the apartment and started a fire inside using lighter fluid. At that point police decided to force their way in. Furniture was stacked inside the front door, but officers managed to push it open. Non-lethal weapons and Dozer the K9 were used by officers as they entered the smoke-filled apartment and took the woman into custody. She was treated at a hospital, and then booked into jail for arson and resisting arrest.


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