SCSO: Man Fights With K9 After Running From Traffic Stop

A Shasta Lake man who ran from sheriff’s deputies overnight ended up in a fight with a canine. Just before 1AM a car was stopped for expired registration on Lake Boulevard near Hiatt Drive. There were three people inside. The driver, 31-year-old Danny McKee, is on probation for burglary and had an expired driver’s license. One passenger, Derrick Steele, had 6 outstanding warrants, two of them felonies. The other passenger, Kaula Reed, had three warrants, one of them a felony. The deputy called for backup and then had Steele get out of the car. He took a knife from Steele and then started to handcuff him, but Steele reportedly pulled his arms away and took off running north toward Ward Lane. Hondo the K9 was sent after him as the two deputies ran along behind. Steele ran behind a home about 150 yards away. When the deputies got behind the house they found Steele fighting with the dog, holding him around the neck and collar while the dog was biting him. The deputies had to get involved and took Steele into custody. He was treated at a hospital for his bite wounds before being booked into jail. Reed was also arrested, and reportedly tried to smuggle drugs into jail with her. McKee, the driver, was cited and released.


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