Police Discover Several Card Skimming Devices In Red Bluff Area

Drivers who have used credit cards to buy gas at a Chevron station in Red Bluff are being warned to check their accounts. Red Bluff Police say several card skimming devices have been discovered illegally installed inside gas pumps at the Chevron station at 205 Antelope Boulevard. The devices gather information from every credit card that’s inserted and the information is then used to defraud the cardholders. When the devices are installed inside pumps they’re difficult for customers to detect. Police say it’s more secure to run a card as credit rather than debit, because then the pin number isn’t compromised. The best way to avoid the skimmers is to pay inside instead of at the pump. The Tehama County Department of Weights and Measures will be inspecting pumps at all gas stations near Interstate Five, where such devices are most often found.


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