Suspect Captured For June Stabbing

A stabbing suspect has been captured by Reding Police after they were tipped off to his location. On the night of Friday, June 12th officers were called to Mercy Hospital to investigate after a man had arrived with a life-threatening stab wound. The wound to his arm had sliced an artery and he was bleeding profusely, requiring emergency surgery. The stabbing had occurred at a home on Pray Road, which is located off Westside Road next to the Reddingwood Mobile Home Park. Witnesses saw a man walk into the home with a knife in his hand, then they heard the victim pleading “Don’t stab me”. The man with the knife left on foot, then the victim stumbled out bleeding heavily. The suspect was quickly identified as 49-year-old Kyle Richard Sims. Police have been looking for Sims ever since. Just before 2 O’clock Thursday afternoon a tip sent officers to Cedars Road, where they arrived in time to see him walking into the woods. He was arrested without incident.


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