Police K9 Helps Officers Sniff Out Several Suspects

Chase the K9 has been a busy crimefighter this week. The Redding Police dog went along on a neighborhood police unit call on Tuesday when officers learned the location of a wanted parolee. 52-year-old James Pawlyk, on parole for assault with a deadly weapon, apparently broke into a home on Galaxy Way and was refusing to leave. Chase accompanied NPU Officers as they entered the house. Chase led the officers to the garage, but Pawlyk still refused to surrender so Chase went in and got him. Pawlyk was booked for burglary and resisting arrest. The dog helped the NPU on another call Thursday. They were checking out a suspicious vehicle on Lake Boulevard, but as soon as the driver saw the officers he fled on foot. The car had been reported stolen. Chase and his handler searched the area and eventually found 35-year-old Joshua Stewart. He surrendered immediately.


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