Woman Driving Stolen Pickup Sentenced For March Shooting

A woman has been sentenced for being the driver of a stolen pickup while her teenage accomplice shot at a Rancho Tehama man who was chasing them. Nicholas Chavez asked his neighbor Harold Robinson to look after his place while he was away. On the morning of March 27th Robinson saw Chavez’s Ford F-350 pickup leaving and he followed it, soon realizing it was being stolen. He called Tehama County Sheriff’s Deputies as he continued following his friend’s stolen truck to Flores Avenue, even though the truck’s passenger, 19-year-old Benjamin Pierce-Flores, was shooting at him, firing five rounds from a rifle. When Robinson boxed the truck in off Flores Avenue, 24-year-old Danielle Ede drove the big stolen truck over the front of Robinson’s car and rammed it four times. The big Ford took plenty of damage from the encounter and became stuck. Ede fled on foot along with Pierce-Flores, who took the rifle with him. The fugitive couple was eventually found at a home in Proberta,and ID’ d by Robinson. Chavez’s truck was packed with about $9,000 worth of his things that had been taken from his house. Pierce-Flores pleaded guilty to 3 felonies and was sentenced a few weeks ago to 13 years 4 months in state prison, plus he must pay restitution. Ede is also guilty of 3 felonies and she’s been given a sentence of 4 years in state prison.


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