Siskiyou County Man Faces Long List Of Charges After Search

A man in rural Siskiyou County has been busted with a large quantity of drugs, explosives, and other dangerous stuff. 53-year-old David Erik Setzer had been accused of threatening someone with a gun and on July 9th a search warrant was served at his home on Rocky Gulch Road southwest of Yreka. Deputies reported finding guns, some of them stolen, a large amount of ammunition, explosives, a stolen car, a gun silencer and other contraband. Setzer was released pending charges. On Thursday a more thorough follow-up search was done, reportedly turning up components of a Methamphetamine lab and a hash oil lab. Those items, and the other dangerous substances, reportedly filled four 55 gallon drums and 3 five gallon buckets. Setzer faces a long list of charges.


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