K9 Helps Deputies Arrest Woman Who Reportedly Threatened Man With Axe

A Shasta Lake woman has been arrested in a reported domestic violence incident involving an axe. At 3 O’clock Monday afternoon deputies called to a home on Fort Peck Street arrived to find a man standing out front. He said his wife, Kimberly Martin, had swung an axe at him, nearly hitting his head, before he wrestled her to the floor and fled the house. Kimberly had an outstanding arrest warrant from a previous domestic violence incident. Deputies went inside and found the axe in the living room. Kimberly had locked herself in a bedroom and refused to come out, reportedly threatening to kill the deputies if they came in. Thor the K9 was brought to the scene and when Kimberly still refused to surrender, the door was forced open enough for the dog to slip inside and apprehend the woman. She was treated at a hospital for her dog bites and then booked into jail.


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