Statewide DMV Training Will Close Offices Early On Wednesday

If you have business to conduct with DMV and you don’t have an appointment, Wednesday may not be the day to do it. The Department of Motor Vehicles will close its offices statewide for a half day to better prepare employees to process Real ID transactions and reinforce training on customer service. The training will take place at 183 DMV field offices, commercial drive test centers and industry business centers throughout the state. More than 5,000 employees will receive the training at their home offices, which will open for business at 1PM. DMV call centers will remain open during the half-day closure. Customers also will be able to conduct transactions online, at, including renewing a vehicle registration, changing an address, requesting a copy of their driving record or making an appointment. Beginning October 1st, the federal government will require passengers flying within the United States to present a Real ID compliant driver license or identification card – or a passport or passport card – before boarding a plane. Real ID compliant cards or another federally approved document will also be required to enter secure federal facilities such as military bases.


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