Update: Man Murdered At Bechelli Lane Home Of Russel Hunt

A man died Tuesday at a home on Bechelli Lane, and investigators are now calling it a homicide. Redding Police were called at 5:24PM Tuesday afternoon on reports of a white male adult who was bloody and in need of help. Upon arrival, officers said the man was obviously deceased and had visible wounds showing he had been a victim of violence. An autopsy will be done later this week. There were numerous people at the home, and they were all interviewed. Investigators spent the night taking statements, looking for witnesses in the neighborhood and seeking surveillance video. So far no arrest has been made. Redding Police have confirmed that it’s the home of Russell Hunt, who has run for various elected positions in local government many times, but has never won a race. Most recently, he ran for the Enterprise Elementary School Board last year. 4 years ago Hunt was released from state prison after serving more than 2 years for stalking a woman who had refused his romantic courtship.


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