State Asking For More Reimbursement To Cover Oroville Dam Reconstruction

The State of California wants a lot more money from Washington for the Oroville Dam Spillway reconstruction. In March, FEMA notified the Department of Water Resources that it doesn’t consider some work to be eligible for reimbursement based on information submitted at the end of 2018. DWR has appealed that decision and provided further information and updated cost estimates. So far, FEMA has approved reimbursement of 337 Million Dollars. In its appeal and cost submittals, DWR is estimating total costs of $1.11 Billion to cover the costs of the Oroville Spillways emergency response and emergency recovery efforts. The updated estimate is based on actual costs through December 31st and anticipated costs to finalize the repairs. Final costs won’t be known until all project work is complete. FEMA’s Public Assistance Program reimburses applicants 75 percent of eligible costs associated with a federally declared disaster.


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