Work On Fuels Reduction Project Revs Up Near Shingletown

Cal-Fire has stepped up work on the state’s highest priority wildfire safety project. When Cal-Fire did a study of the most dangerous places for potential wildfire fatalities in the state, the Shingletown Area was at the top of the list. The Highway 44 Fuels Reduction Project consists of clearing an area on both sides of the highway between Dersch Road and the Lassen National Forest boundary. In the stretches where Cal-Trans has right-of-way, clearing will be done to 200 feet each side from the centerline of the highway. The width will vary depending on the willingness of private landowners to cooperate. In all, 1,112 acres will be cleared. Besides reducing fire danger, the project will allow for better visibility and increased sun exposure, which may reduce icing problems in the winter months. California National Guard Soldiers and inmates from Sugar Pine Conservation Camp are helping with the project.


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