Former CHP Official Wont Serve Jail Sentence

A former CHP official will not serve jail time for a misdemeanor conviction in a road rage incident that occurred two years ago south of Redding. On July 21st of 2017 a big rig driver’s dash cam captured footage that shows a Cross Petroleum tanker truck stopped on the Knighton Road overpass with a car blocking its way. A man, later identified as Todd Garr, can be seen falling backwards from the truck’s running board after being punched by the driver, Kenneth McFall. At the time, Garr was Assistant Chief of the CHP Northern Division Office in Redding. Garr was off duty at the time, and he had stopped in front of the big rig to block its way and confront the truck driver after an incident on the freeway. Shasta County D.A. Stephanie Bridgett’s husband works for the CHP so she sent the case to be handled by the State Attorney General’s Office. Garr’s employment with the CHP was terminated in April of 2018. Last month a Shasta County Jury convicted Garr of misdemeanor battery and reckless driving. Thursday he was sentenced to serve 160 hours community service, attend 16 weeks of anger management classes, and be on unsupervised probation for 2 years. No jail time had been requested by the prosecution.


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