Siskiyou Marijuana Team Adds To Season Totals

Thousands more marijuana plants have been seized by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office in raids on private property. Last Tuesday the 16th a series of 10 search warrants were served in the Iron Gate Estates in the northern part of the county. 1,338 plants were seized, along with 20 pounds of processed bud. Wednesday 11 search warrants were served in the Klamath River Country Estates north of Montague. 1,161 plants were seized, along with 50 pounds of processed bud. In both operations, plants were found growing outdoors, as well as in greenhouses. The season total for the Siskiyou Marijuana Team is 28,249 plants and more than a thousand pounds of processed bud. Based on Sheriff Jon Lopey’s own formula, he claims the potential value of the cannabis, if sold on the east coast, would be more than a half billion dollars.


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