Convicted Child Molester Arrested At Bridgeway Inn

Several arrests were made during a probation sweep at an East Redding motel. The neighborhood police unit has been watching the Bridgeway Inn, formerly the Howard Johnson, on Bechelli Lane. On Sunday the NPU made their move. Upon arrival they recognized 29-year-old Kyle Murray walking through the parking lot. He’s on supervised release and allegedly had heroin on him. Officers then headed to Murray’s motel room and arrested a man and two women for outstanding warrants and possession of Methamphetamine and Heroin. Officers visited two more rooms and made three more arrests for parole violations, two of them without incident. The third was 51-year-old Harold Marquette, who apparently lied about his identity until officers figured him out. He had four felony warrants, one for absconding from his parole for child molestation.


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