Carr Fire Relief Fund Tops 5 Million Dollars

The Carr Fire brought an outpouring of generosity from an community already known for its generosity. With more than 55,000 people evacuated at the peak of the fire, just about everyone in the area knew someone who was affected in some way by the 230,000 acre fire. With 1600 buildings destroyed or badly damaged, many lost their homes and many others reached out to help them. The disaster relief fund gathered and administered by the Shasta Regional Community Foundation already had more than 1.7 Million Dollars by the time the fire was declared contained on August 30th. From grants by large corporations and foundations to kids selling lemonade and emptying their piggy banks, the total now exceeds $5 Million. 54% of the donations, about 2100 of them, were less than $100. The Community Foundation does not assess fees from the Disaster Relief Fund, so 100% of the money that went in is going to help survivors get by, and to the rebuilding process. A first year accountability report can be found at FEMA has identified up to 300 properties that were uninsured or under insured. That’s where the Nor-Cal Community Recovery Team steps in. The Nor-Cal C.R.T. is a coalition of nearly all of the local non-profits, governmental agencies, national relief organizations and private sector companies that have committed to help. This eliminates duplication of efforts and makes case management more efficient and responsive. Those who are still seeking assistance, or who can help in some way, can find out more at


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