Man Who Attacked CHP Officer In 2013 Sentenced To Life In Prison

A Redding man has gotten a long prison sentence for attacking a CHP Officer in Trinity County. In April of 2013, CHP Officer Chad Barnes saw Sean Karjala speeding in an eastbound Kia on Highway 299 near Douglas City. Karjala pulled into the Indian Creek RV Park to try and elude the officer, but when he pulled back onto the highway, Officer Barnes stopped him in front of the Indian Creek Lodge. While speaking with Karjala through the open driver’s side window, Barnes smelled alcohol and marijuana and asked Karjala to step out for a field sobriety test. Karjala got out with a hatchet in his hand and ran toward Officer Barnes, who retreated around the car ordering Karjala to stop. When Karjala charged at the officer again with the hatchet raised above his head, Barnes shot him four times. Karjala still tried to get up, but was forced back to the ground and subdued. Karjala was flown to Mercy Medical Center in Redding and after a lengthy recovery, he was taken into custody by federal authorities. At the time of his arrest he was awaiting federal court action on 36 counts of sex crimes involving a child under the age of 16. He pled not guilty in that case and posted his Quarter Million Dollar bail prior to the incident in Trinity County. He has yet to face the federal sex charges, but he was tried by a judge in Trinity County in June and found guilty of attempted murder of a peace officer. On Friday Karjala was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.


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