Mosquito Tests Positive For West Nile Virus Near Cottonwood

West Nile Virus is active in Shasta County. A single mosquito collected in the West Cottonwood area has tested positive for the virus, indicating an increased risk to humans. No human cases have been reported this year in Shasta County. Statewide there have been 2 human cases so far this year. About 80 percent of the time infected people experience no symptoms at all, but for one if five cases it can be a potentially deadly attack on the central nervous system. It’s carried most commonly in birds such as crows, jays, and magpies. 28 infected birds have been found statewide and 1094 mosquitos. Humans get infected by mosquitos that have bitten infected birds. West Nile cannot be transmitted between humans. It’s fatal for about 1 in 3 infected horses, the only species for which there is a vaccine. The best way to fight West Nile is by eliminating standing water where mosquitos breed. Significant mosquito problems and dead indicator birds should be reported to the Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control District at 365-3768 or


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