Fire Restrictions Will Be In Effect On Shasta-Trinity Forest

Fire restrictions go into effect Thursday on the 3 Million acres of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. That means visitors can only build fires in designated campfire sites, developed recreation sites or designated fire safe sites such as 50 feet below the tree line and within 10 feet of the water at Lake Shasta, Trinity Lake and Iron Canyon Reservoir. The same rules apply to smoking. Campfires, stoves and lanterns all need a permit, available for free at Internal combustion engines are only allowed on designated roads. A vehicle should never be driven into dry grass that can be set ablaze by a hot tailpipe. Generators need approved spark arresters and 5 feet of clearance in every direction. Also, obviously, no welding or torching! Rulebreakers can be fined and/or get six months in jail.


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