RPD: Man On Drugs Arrested After Early Morning Rampage

A man apparently bent on destruction was taken into custody in West Redding early Tuesday morning. At 4:45AM Redding Police were called to an apartment complex on Mary Street by several 9-1-1 callers saying a man had kicked in the door to an apartment and was breaking things. Several officers arrived and saw the man inside breaking out windows. He then came running outside straight into the arms of the police. Officers say 32-year-old Corey Cornellier was clearly on drugs and had no idea where he was. A search of the apartment reportedly revealed more than 6 ounces of Methamphetamine, more than 18 grams of Heroin, a scale and $800 cash, as well as needles and paraphernalia throughout the unit. Officers determined that Cornellier was staying at the apartment and was not an intruder, but no other residents were located. Cornellier, who is on Post Release Supervision, was booked into jail for possession of drugs for sale.


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