Asphalt Cowboys Selling Tickets For 67th Annual BBQ

There aren’t many organizations that can put together a really good meal for thousands of people more quickly and efficiently than the Asphalt Cowboys. On Wednesday the yellow-shirted cowboys will be canvassing the area selling tickets for their big annual barbeque and live auction, now in its 67th year. On September 8th at Caldwell Park, around 4200 pounds of tri-tip and more than a ton of chicken will be accompanied by about 500 gallons of beans and 500 gallons of coleslaw. Add bread and coffee or juice on the side and it’ll be 7 to 8 thousand meals all ready to serve. The food can be eaten there at the park, where there’s an auction and other entertainment, or customers can just drive through the park and pick it up to go. The cost is $9 the day of the event or $8 when purchased in advance at Paint Mart, LuLu’s, San Francisco Deli or from any yellow shirted Asphalt Cowboy.


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