Council Delays Final Vote On New Costco For 2 Weeks

The long awaited city council vote for a new Costco on South Bonnyview in Redding will have to wait two more weeks. The council was poised to give a final decision on whether or not Costco would be moving from its Dana Drive location to South Bonnyview Road. But at the request of Costco the vote was delayed until the next council meeting. In a letter to the city, Costco said issues raised by the final environmental impact report would take time to adequately address. The project is being contested by a group called the Bonnyview Bechelli Coalition, a consortium of residents represented by Attorney Mark Wolf. In a letter to the Planning Commission on July 23rd he contends that issues like traffic and air quality were not addressed before the commission voted to recommend the project to the council for a final vote. Costco had planned to build the warehouse store at its preferred location on Oasis Road in 2016. That project fell apart when a deal with the developer could not be finalized. The new Costco on South Bonnyview, if approved, would be about 40 percent larger than its current location, and would feature a 30 pump gas station. The vote is now planned for August 20th.


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