Start Of School Year Delayed For Some Trinity Count Schools

Some students in Trinity County are getting a longer summer vacation this year. According to the Trinity Journal, Trinity High and Weaverville Elementary students will be getting an extra 10 days of summer vacation this year. Last week, the Trinity Alps Unified School District Board of Trustees voted to delay the start of school due to the presence of black mold in most of the district’s facilities. Opening day was originally set for August 19th, but that’s been postponed to Tuesday, September 3rd, following Labor Day. Teachers will be reporting for duty on August 19th, allowing time to settle into their new classrooms in portable buildings currently being installed. Student orientation is set for Monday, August 26th, at both schools. A total of 26 portable buildings have been rush-ordered to provide suitable classroom space. Since mold was initially detected inside the elementary school cafeteria, all district facilities have now been tested at each site, forcing the closure of most. The district will seek a hardship waiver from the state allowing for the shortened school year down from 180 days to 170.


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