Bad Neighbor Arrested

A Tehama County man is not getting any awards for being a good neighbor. When the person living next door to Tony Sanchez was gone for several days, Sanchez saw it as an opportunity. The man returned home to find someone had forced their way in, ransacked the place and stole numerous possessions. The victim reported the break-in to the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office, saying he was quite sure that Sanchez was responsible. The next day the victim called to report that his missing clothes dryer was sitting in Sanchez’s front yard. Deputies had a word with Sanchez, who eventually admitted to the burglary. He went inside his own house and came back out with an armful of stolen items and carried them back next door where they belonged. For felony first degree burglary, Sanchez has been sentenced to 6 months in jail and 5 years probation.


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