RPD: NPU Seizes $15,000 Worth Of Heroin

A significant amount of Heroin has been seized by Redding’s Neighborhood Police Unit, resulting in two arrests. At around 6PM Wednesday evening officers did a probation search of 32-year-old Richard Johnson, who was living in a trailer next to a home on Santa Rosa Way. The home was the target of an investigation that led to multiple arrests in April. When the NPU arrived Wednesday, at first refused to come outside, but he eventually did along with 33-year-old Sarah Johnson. She had 2 felony warrants and is also on probation. She was not in possession of anything but Richard reportedly had 8 Grams of Heroin on him and more than $1000. In the trailer, officers reported finding another 6 Ounces of Heroin, along with scales and packaging. Police say Heroin sells for $100 a Gram on the streets, making the stash worth $15,000.


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