Washington State Man Arrested On Child Molestation Warrant

A man from Washington State who has been on the run for 14 years from a warrant alleging child rape is running no more. On Wednesday Redding Police and a SINTF Agent assisted Child and Family Services on a welfare check of two children at a home on Polk Street. They reportedly discovered that Methamphetamine and Heroin had been continually used in the home in the presence of the kids. The children were taken into protective custody. Further investigation showed that it was the home of 35-year-old David Richard Capelli the Third, who had a non-extraditable felony warrant out of Washington State from 2005 for child rape and child molestation. SINTF contacted officials in Skagit County, Washington and got them to obtain a order to extend extradition. Officers then staked out the Polk Street home and took Capelli into custody. He’s in Shasta County Jail awaiting transfer to Washington.


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