Man Shoots Dogs, Threatens Owner With A Gun In Siskiyou County

Two Siskiyou County men were arrested after one of them shot two dogs, and threatened to kill their owner, according to the sheriff’s office. The dogs belong to a man who lives on Greenhorn Road just outside Yreka. One of the dogs was killed Friday night and the other seriously wounded by gunshots, allegedly at the hands of the property owner. When the dogs’ owner said he would contact police, the landlord reportedly pointed an M-4 Carbine military-style assault rifle at him and said he would kill him if he called for help or tried to leave. The victim reported the incident the next morning and Saturday afternoon deputies descended on the property with help from the CHP and Cal-Fire. Four guns were seized, including the assault rifle, which had its serial number filed off. 51-year-old William Harvey Childs was arrested for criminal threats, false imprisonment and being a felon with guns. Animal cruelty charges may be filed later. Joseph Garibay was arrested for being a felon with ammunition.


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