RPD: Man Assaults Dutch Bros Employee During Attempted Carjacking

A man attempted a violent carjacking from a Redding coffee kiosk, but failed because he couldn’t get the car into gear. Just before 8 O’clock Sunday morning the thief slipped into the back door of the Dutch Bros on South Market Street at Grange Street. He grabbed a female employee’s wallet and car keys and ran out to the parking lot to try and steal the car. He got it started but struggled to shift it into gear as two Dutch Bros employees tried to stop him. The suspect violently punched an 18-year-old female employee in the face during the struggle. He eventually gave up trying to make the car move and ran away on foot. Redding Police Officer Josh Tracy and Njord the K9 found 25-year-old Devan William Nelson nearby. He was wearing different clothing, but the employees said he was the one. Nelson has a history of violence, including an arrest in July of last year for assault with a deadly weapon. He was booked into jail for carjacking and burglary. The girl who was punched had some pain but did not require medical attention.


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