Crews Contain Fire Near Bella Vista, Declare Full Containment On Cottage Fire

Cal-Fire crews quickly extinguished a fire Friday evening near the Redding Gun Club in Bella Vista. The Chucker Fire off Seven Lakes Road and Chucker Lane was contained to about 3 acres. An investigator traced the point of origin to a cigarette butt, which is believed to have been the cause. This can serve as a warning to the smokers of the area that the grasses are now dry enough to ignite from a carelessly discarded butt

The Cottage Fire off of Dersch Road between Millville and Shingletown was declared fully contained on Saturday. It started as three fires a little before 2PM Thursday afternoon between Bear Creek and Ash Creek Road. Two of the fires burned together and they eventually totaled 156 acres. One firefighter suffered a heat related injury. At one point evacuations were ordered for everyone south of Dersch and east of Deschutes but all the evacuations and road closures were lifted Thursday night. The cause of the fires remains under investigation, but it appears that they started along the roadside.


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