K9 Helps Deputies Arrest Man Who Reportedly Assaulted Girlfriend

A Centerville man has been taken into custody after a tense standoff Wednesday night. At around 6:30PM a woman called 9-1-1 from her home on Silver King Road to report that her boyfriend, 50-year-old Jason Mires, had assaulted her. While deputies were en route, she called back to say Mires had pointed a rifle at her and then fired a shot in the air. Deputies arrived and secured the woman, then surrounded the house and ordered mires to come outside. After about 5 minutes he came out wearing military fatigue pants and walked toward the deputies. He got within about 50 yards of them, ignoring orders to get on the ground, and started reaching toward his pockets. That’s when Fritz the K9 was sent after him. Mires struggled but was taken into custody and treated for his dog bites at a hospital before being booked into jail on several felony charges.


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