Authorities Continue Investigation After Infant Is Found Dead At Campground

Siskiyou County authorities are continuing to investigate the circumstances around the death of a baby at a campground. On August 15th deputies responded after a baby was found unresponsive at the Twin Arrows Campground south of Lake Siskiyou. A sheriff’s sergeant attempted CPR on the 7-month-old infant but the child could not be revived. The baby’s mother and a companion had spent the night in a tent, while the infant and a 2-year-old were placed inside a vehicle for the night. When the mother checked on them the next morning the baby was not breathing. The 2-year-old was taken into protective custody by CPS. The infant had no obvious signs of physical abuse and an autopsy performed on Friday was inconclusive pending toxicology testing. The sheriff’s department is reviewing the case along with the D.A.’s Office and considering charges, which could include neglect, child endangerment, or even manslaughter. Sheriff Jon Lopey says they’ve been looking into any signs of substance abuse or if there were omissions in the original story. In the meantime the mother, who’s from Arizona, and her companion, who’s from Texas, are not in custody. Apparently the 2-year-old has not yet been returned to the mother.


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