Man Wanted Since March Captured By Anderson Police

Anderson Police have captured a man who Redding Police have been seeking for a long time. At around Midnight Monday night an APD Officer spotted a Chevy truck registered to 38-year-old Augustine Witcraft. Knowing he was wanted, the officer tried to pull him over but Witcraft reportedly took off at high speed through residential neighborhoods, driving on the wrong side of the road, running stopsigns and almost colliding head-on with a police car. He eventually lost control and crashed into a tree. He tried to get away on foot but was caught. He was booked into jail for felony evading and other fresh charges, as well as his warrants. Redding Police had been seeking Witcraft since March 24th, when he reportedly brandished a handgun at a woman on Fairway Avenue, saying he would shoot her for interfering in his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, with whom he shares a child. He had been considered armed and dangerous and has a prior conviction from 6 years ago for firing a handgun at law enforcement.


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