High Speed Chases Suspect Escapes Custody In Corning

Corning Police had to catch the same young man twice Tuesday. A Mercedes had been reported stolen and when an officer spotted the car southbound on Kirkland Avenue he tried to pull it over. The driver sped up to more than 100 miles an hour, crossing the center line and driving into oncoming traffic. When he tried to turn onto Flournoy Avenue, he lost control and the Mercedes hit the railroad tracks, flipped into the air and came to rest on its roof. 18-year-old Dominic Devencenzi suffered some minor scrapes and bruises and was taken into custody. Alittle bit later, while still at the Corning Police Department, Devencenzi reportedly escaped on foot, fleeing west across Solano Street with officers running after him. They caught up to him on 4th Street and took him to Tehama County Jail to be booked for grand theft auto, possession of stolen property, felony pursuit and escaping arrest.


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