Man With 31 Prior Arrests In Shasta County Back In Custody

A man with a long criminal history is back in jail. Wednesday evening around 7PM, officers with the Redding Police Departments Neighborhood Police Unit were patrolling the 2800 block of Churn Creek Road in connection with an ongoing problem property. As officers entered the driveway, they noticed a suspicious vehicle with two people inside. The driver, 38-year-old Bradley Steven Wible of Shasta Lake City, got out and tried to walk away, but was quickly detained. Officers were very familiar with Wible as he has 31 prior arrests in Shasta County and is on active parole for assault with a deadly weapon. The female passenger, 25-year-old Charlie Patterson of Redding, was cooperative and detained without incident. Officers searched Wible and the vehicle. Under the driver’s seat, officers reported finding a loaded semiautomatic handgun, as well as over 5 grams of Heroin, which Patterson said was hers. Wible was arrested, charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition, possession of a concealed firearm in a vehicle and violation of parole. Although Patterson was found in possession of Heroin, she was only issued a citation and released due to it being a misdemeanor offense as a result of Proposition 47.


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