Man With Multiple DUI’s Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison

A Redding man who crashed a car while drunk last year has been arrested again, and this time he’s going to pay. 25-year-old Joseph Sharpe was on probation for DUI and had a suspended license on July 19th of last year when he was southbound on Alta Mesa Drive in a Honda Accord. When he reached Rancho Road he kept going through the stopsign and smashed into a rock wall in front of a house across the street. When Redding Police arrived they found an passenger, 19-year-old Dena Bommarito, who was transported to Mercy Hospital. A short distance from the crash scene officers detained Sharpe as he was walking away. He gave officers false information, denied being the driver, and threatened to physically harm one of the officers. Witnesses, including Bommarito, identified Sharpe as the driver. He was arrested for felony DUI causing injury, felony hit and run, threatening an officer, and several other charges. He reached a plea deal in the case and was given probation again. A few weeks ago, on August 9th, Sharpe was arrested while driving with a blood alcohol level of .187%. He was sentenced Wednesday to 6 years 4 months in state prison, and he must serve at least 85% of that time before being eligible for parole.


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