Man From Mexico Dies After Suffering Injuries While Climbing Mt. Shasta

A high elevation search and rescue operation was done on Mount Shasta over the weekend for a man who turned out to be worse off than he first appeared. On Saturday a woman called the sheriff’s office to say that her hiking partner, 24-year-old Carlos Flores of Baja, Mexico, had fallen while climbing Mount Shasta. He had injured his ankle and told her he would try to descend on his own while she completed the ascent to the peak. On her way back down she discovered him unconscious at around 11,000 feet elevation on Casaval Ridge near Red Banks. She then had to leave the victim and hike down to Lake Helen to get a cell phone signal. The sheriff’s office requested help from a CHP helicopter, which was able to hoist Flores off the mountain and take him to a waiting ambulance. At Mercy Mount Shasta staff found that his injuries were more severe than they thought and Flores was flown to Mercy in Redding. On Monday Flores died in the hospital.


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